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This page allows you to search through the T2 Tanker database for a ship. By entering the name below, you can see any information on the ship that I have in the database. The search checks against the ship's original name, then against any later names it had that I have been able to discover, and also through any text or notes in the database related to the ship.

The search is not very sophisticated yet, but it is effective. If you know the exact name of the vessel, enclose it in quotations so that the search engine knows it is searching for an exact match. Omit the quotes if you are not sure of the exact name.

I hope to make this a more effective search tool in the future. For now, it should help you narrow down your search of the list of approximately 500 tankers.

If you have questions, or have information on a ship you would like included in the database, please contact me here at: in Suffolk, VA.

Good luck! I hope you are successful.

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