The First T2 Type Tankers

The T2 tanker design was first adapted from S.S. Mobilfuel and S.S. Mobilube, built for the Socony-Vacuum Company (later to become Mobile Oil). They were 501 feet six inches long overall, with a beam of 68 feet. They were rated at 9,900 tons gross, and a deadweight tonnage of 15,850 tons. They displaced about 21,100 tons. Six of these ships were built by Bethlehem-Sparrows Point Shipyard in Maryland.

Type T2
(Bethlehem-Sparrows Point Shipyard, MD)
Ship Built Hull# USMC Hull# Comments
Corsicana (I) 8/41 4353 142 Renamed KENNEBEC (AO 36), 1942. Laid up in Suisun Bay, 1970.
Caddo (I) 10/41 4354 143 Renamed MERRIMACK (AO 37), 1942. Stricken, December, 1958.
Calusa (I) 1/42 4355 144 Renamed WINOOSKI (AO 38), 1942. Renamed Calusa, 1946; Samuel L. Fuller, 1947; Seanymph, 1963; Meracoulosa, 1964. Scrapped, Kaohsiung, September, 1965.
Catwaba 2/42 4356 145 Renamed NEOSHO (II) (AO 48), 1942. Renamed Catawba, 1946; Tascalusa, 1947; Ascalusa, 1963. Scrapped Hamburg, February, 1964.
Colina (I) 3/42 4358 146 Completed as KANKAKEE (AO 39). November, 1968, laid up in James River.
Conastoga (I) 6/42 4359 147 Completed as LACKAWANNA (AO 40). Renamed Conastoga, 1946; Tatarrax, 1947; Thomas A., 1962; Padre Island, 1965. Scrapped Vinaroz, Spain, January, 1967.

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