T2 Tanker Engineering Photos

Here are just a few photos from onboard some converted T2 tankers Mr. Greg Hayden served on. Mr. Hayden was an engineer, and since my interests are heavily weighted towards engineering, these pictures are from the engineering spaces. All photo's and drawings are courtesy of Mr. Hayden. Some are fairly big images, so please be patient while loading!

Here's the throttle board on S.S. Leon Falk, Jr., a converted T2 (ex-Winter Hill) and a cutaway view of a Westinghouse propulsion control cubicle. You can read a description below of the functions of the various controls.

And here to the left, we have the diagram describing the control station for a Westinghouse plant. Thanks to this, we can get an idea how this thing worked.

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Created by A. Davis Whittaker, Jr., June 1999.