The T2-A Type Tankers

The T2-A type tanker was another variety of the T2 design. Only 5 of these ships were built by Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Chester, PA for the Keystone Tankship Corporation and its affiliates in 1940. The Navy took them over before construction was complete in 1942 to use as Navy oilers. They were 526 feet long, 68 feet abeam, rated at 10,600 tons gross and a deadweight tonnage of 16,300. They displaced about 22,445 tons. Propulsion was provided by geared steam turbines driving a single propeller at 12,000 shaft horsepower, giving a maximum rated speed of 16 and a half knots.

Type T2-A
(Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Chester, PA)
Ship Built Hull# USMC Hull# Comments
Aekay 2/42 221 148 Completed as NECHES (AO 47). October, 1970, stricken; scrapped 1972.
Kalkay 3/42 222 149 Completed as MATTAPONI (AO 41). October, 1970, stricken; scrapped 1972.
Jorkay 5/42 226 157 Completed as TAPPAHANNOCK (AO 43). Stricken, 1958.
Ellkay 7/42 227 158 Completed as MONONGAHELA (AO 42). Stricken, 1958.
Emmkay 9/42 228 159 Completed as PATUXENT (AO 44). Renamed Emmkay, 1946; David D. Irwin, 1947. Jumboized, Sasebo, 1961.

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