USS Saugatuck

The Last Navy T2 Oiler

USS SAUGATUCK (AO 75), a Navy T2-SE-A1 transport oiler and possibly the last surviving T2 in her more or less original configuration.


USS SAUGATUCK was launched as the tanker Newtown by Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Chester, PA (yard hull number 250). She was launched on 7 December, 1942 and was completed and commissioned as the Navy oiler USS SAUGATUCK (AO 75) on 19 February, 1943. On 9 October, 1946, she was returned to the Maritime Commission as Newtown, and laid up. In January of 1948, she returned to service with the Navy as USS SAUGATUCK (AO 75).

Here's a photo collection showing Saugatuck in lay-up in the James River Reserve Fleet. These photos are provided graciously by Mr. Mike Hyde, who was able to tour her last year.

USS Saugatuck This photo was taken from the foc's'le, looking aft over the anchor windlass. Obviously, there has not been a lot of care taken here. She was laid up a long time ago, and time and weather have taken their toll.

USS Saugatuck Photo of the anchor windlass, from port side. Capstan (gypsy) head is plain to see, as is the small cylinder for the steam engine which powered it. (left center)

USS Saugatuck Standing on the foredeck looking aft at the midship house. The center catwalk can be seen, as can the tank lids for tanks 1 - 4 on the starboard side.

USS Saugatuck Now we're standing on top of the midship house looking forward. Nice view from up here. Man, look at all those other ships laid up in the reserve fleet! Too bad we don't have that many active units now.

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