S.S. Geo. H. Jones

S.S. Geo. H. Jones
S.S. Geo. H. Jones, a Standard Oil Company tanker operated by the Panama Transport Company.

S.S. Geo. H. Jones

Geo. H. Jones was built by Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Corp. of Chester, PA in 1919.  In August, 1941 she was turned over to the British under the Lend-Lease act for wartime use.  She was sunk by a German submarine (U-455) on 11 June 1942.

Ship Hull# Built GRT DWT Length Beam Comments
Geo. H. Jones 14 1919 6,914 10,525 430' 59' Three cylinder triple expansion engine, single screw. Sunk 11 June 1942 by U-455 at 45.40'N 22.40W

S. S. Geo. H. Jones
S.S Geo. H. Jones at about the time she was turned over to the British. Note the wartime paint job.

Fireroom on Geo. H. Jones
Picture Arthur D. Whittaker, ship's Machinist
Whit and Hough
J. Frank Hough and Arthur D. Whittaker, 1940.

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